Trade-dress requirements: LAX & California airports

Trade-dress requirements for pickups at LAX and other California airports 

You must display the Uber “U” Trade Dress and your Airport Vehicle Permit placard on your windshield at all times when on LAX property, including the staging area and airport. The Airport Vehicle Permit placard must be below the Uber “U” Trade Dress on the right-hand, passenger-side of your windshield. An example is shown below:

Important:  You cannot display the trade dress of any other Transportation Network Company while dropping off or picking up a rider who requested through the Uber app. Additionally, you cannot display any Transportation Network Company trade dress or the Airport Vehicle Permit Placard while on a personal trip at the Airport.


* This information is provided for convenience only, and may no longer be in effect or accurate after the date this was re-posted.  Please verify the regulations of the airports that you will travelling to.

Where at the airport can you pick up from?

Note that certain airports allow dropping off passengers, but prohibit picking up passengers from the arrivals area.  Be sure to check the restrictions at the airports that you will be travelling to.

For a list of policies at other southern California airports, visit: