Remote Control for Glow Light Signs

Assembly Instructions

  1. Our new remote controls are designed to be easy to add to existing wiring.

  2. Simply plug in the USB male end of the remote control module into a phone charger or USB port.  The USB male end looks like this:

  3. Plug the wiring that came with your sign into the USB female end of the remote control module.  The USB female end looks like this:

  4. Check to see if a battery protector is in your remote control.  If there is a thin, clear sheet of plastic, pull it out so that the batteries can operate.  If a battery protector was shipped with your remote, you would find it in the area indicated in this illustration:


Replacing Batteries

The handheld remote is powered by a single CR2025 button battery, which is included at the time of purchase.  

(A CR 2023 can also be used)



Buttons & functions

The remote control provides seven different blinking modes, including regular blink, pulse, SOS, strobe, and smooth fade.  For each mode, you can set the speed of the blink by pressing on the increase or decrease button repeatedly until you get the blinking speed you want.

To return to a constant-on mode at any time, press the 100% brightness button.


Pre-assigned radio frequency

We use the same pre-assigned frequency for all our remote control modules so that parts can be easily replaced.  

The remote receiver (the wired portion) does not need to be visible or in line of sight, allowing you to place the receiver in a concealed area of your car for a more professional installation.


Item specifications

Remote control dimensions: 1.5" wide x 3.5" long x 0.25" high
Power (remote control): 1 CR2025 lithium button-type battery (or CR2023)
Receiver dimensions: 12" long
Power (receiver): 5 volts USB plug