Custom orders: Design expertise for illuminated glow signs - for fleets, companies & making special events extra special

Leading manufacturer of glow signs for rideshare and private fleets

Wholesale manufacturing and custom design services:

We provide wholesale manufacturing and custom design services to companies, fleets and event organizers that are looking for a unique, cost-effective and attention-grabbing way to make their brand or event stand out.  

Our signs can also be powered on 120 volt circuits for storefront or home installations, or run off battery packs for a truly "moving" experience!  Smaller light panels (e.g. 3 inches by 1 inch) can also be powered by button-type batteries and worn on clothing, hats or attached to the body or any object. Imagine the attention of having your company representative or spokesperson lit up with an illuminated sign...

The possibilities of what we can do, and dream up, with electroluminescent technology are endless.  From custom shapes to life-size illuminated panels, we can make sure you command the show at your next conference or trade event.

Looking for something more standard?  Here is a quick overview of what you can choose from:


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Sample order:

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