About Us

Hi! I'm Amber and I'm delighted you're visiting our site.  

I remember back in February 2015 trying to find the glowing Uber logo signs that were once distributed in California and discovered they were selling at over-inflated amounts - often for over $100! I sat in front of my drawing board (which also happened to be my steering wheel during certain hours of the day, and set out to make a sign that would not only be accessible to more drivers, but also to add some better ideas to it:

  • Higher contrast white-on-black (instead of a transparent background) when the sign is unlit, for better daytime visibility;
  • Customizable section at the bottom of the sign, for drivers to add their name, a nickname, their passenger's name, or any creative phrase (with laser-printed labels, or a dry-erase marker);

I've since expanded the line of illuminated signs with some new designs created by Stefanie St. Denis of Jupiters Muse, who has come up with universal rideshare icons for drivers that work on several platforms at once.  Instead of cluttering up your windshield with two or three signs from Uber, Lyft, Shuddle, etc., why not use a universal one that passengers can spot from far and make your car more distinguishable?  You can read more about Stefanie's great work here.


After Uber cut its rates again in January 2016, I received a lot of feedback from drivers that they were leaving to pinker pastures.  The grass was greener with Lyft, and the drivers were more community-driven to keep their rides (and rideshare) an exceptional (and sometimes exciting) experience.  I was inspired by the energy and the enthusiasm of Lyft Creatives/drivers like Hip-Hop Lyft, Lyftmeup, DoodleLyft, Lyftronic, FresnoLuauLyft, H.Mohi, Purple Mover, BubbleLyft... and the list can go on to fill up a few pages here. I've always loved the colour pink (or magenta, to be more technically precise), and designing around that theme is pure joy. If you are a long-time customer, you'll have noticed the splash of pink as we develop some themed products for the devoted drivers from Lyft.  Joy, joy, joy!

One of my new projects is LightWorks TestPilots™, which is a community/tribe of drivers I invite to try out and provide feedback on the latest gear and gadgets for drivers.  Products are provided either free or at a rate discounted lower than Uber fares (= a lot!) to help us navigate our way to the best items that drivers should have to make their life better.  Interested in being a TestPilot?  Send me a note to

Enjoy the ride!